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Ways to Remove False Google Reviews


The main purpose of reviews is to inform potential customers about the services or products of a business. This helps them understand what they should expect from a company. So, it's important to ensure you maintain genuine and positive reviews as a business owner. It's also important to know how to get rid of fake reviews on Google as they may harm the reputation of your business.


Nowadays, there's a trend where some competitors post false reviews at about other companies. This is unfortunate and unprofessional.


Like fake negative reviews, fake positive reviews can be hurtful. They can misinform clients and put unrealistic expectations on your company. As a result of these reviews, you may have actual negative reviews in future. The following are a number of effective ways to remove false Google reviews.


Identify fake reviews quickly


This is usually the first step to eliminating false reviews on Google. Even though it sounds simple, you need a huge amount of effort.


The best way to keep an eye on online reviews is to use tools such as Google Alerts at These tools will notify you when there are new reviews about your business. If you have a large company, you may want to look for fake reviews manually and handle them as fast as you can. Identifying fake reviews quickly helps you start the removal process sooner. This way, you'll minimize the damage caused by the false reviews.


Flag and report false reviews


When you identify fake reviews that are in violation of Google user policies, you need to report the review and the poster. There's a flag icon near the user's name. When you click it, you'll be redirected to a new page where you can report the post.


There are 2 common instances that can warrant the removal of a review: if it was made by a professional reviewer or if it was posted by a competitor. The best way to report a review is to use your Google business account. Provide evidence when you can. It's easy to remove fake reviews that are based solely on the opinion of the poster.


Respond to the reviews


When you're unable to remove false reviews, the best alternative is to address them. Use your response to inform other web users that the reviews aren't authentic. You can also state reasons behind the malicious actions of the reviewer. For instance, you can state that the false reviews were written by someone who isn't your customer or an unhappy former employee.