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4 Ways to Remove Fake Reviews on Google


Online reviews play a significant role in the reputation of a business. They help customers to learn more about a business and what type of services and products they should expect from the business. A false review can destroy your business' reputation, regardless of whether it's positive or negative. It's important, therefore, to watch out for false Google reviews so you can remove them as quickly as possible. There are a lot of techniques you can use to get rid of such reviews. The following are a few tips to use to remove fake reviews on Google:


Subpoena Google


The Google support team may not respond to your requests timely. In such instances, the best way to remove fake reviews would be to take legal action. Subpoenaing Google will help you reveal the poster's identity. Google's database contains information about every user. So, they'll help you identify the IP address of the person who posted the false review. Once the identity of the user is revealed, you can pursue him or her for the fake review. Know how to remove fake Google reviews here!


Call Google


If you have a local listing business account with Google, it's easy to reach them via text or voice call. Log in to your Google business account and head over to the menu tab. Click "Support" to get the contact options, which are text messages and phone calls. Reaching Google via phone is the most efficient way to remove fake reviews fast. It may take some time to contact them but it's a worthwhile effort. Remember to state information that can help Google identify the post and take the necessary action. Mention the type of review, URL and name of the user. The user's name may be anonymous, but Google's support team will still be able to pull down the review.


Flag as inappropriate


Under every Google review, there's a flag icon you can click on to report a policy violation. You can choose to report the review as off-topic, malicious, spam or hateful. This method is not very effective as it takes time for your report to be reviewed by Google. However, you can still try your luck.


Respond to the review


Addressing a false review on Google may be a daunting task. If you're a registered Google user, you should be able to respond to reviews. This is a great backup plan in case the review isn't removed. Other web users will see the review and your response and they'll understand that the review isn't authentic. Know about Aaron Minc here!